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Welcome to Progressive Alliance For The Targeted Health (PATH)

African Communities in Alexandria, Virginia

Ensuring the health of our fellow African brothers and sisters is the priority of this organization. Together with our team, we aim to guide, educate, and consult our communities into learning the various ways they can take care of their health better, like preventing or managing HIV/AIDS, obesity, and so much more. We only want what’s best for our fellowmen, which is why we strive hard every day to provide and educate them to the best of our abilities.

If you wish to learn more about our community outreach programs in Alexandria, Virginia, please do not hesitate to browse through our website.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Progressive Alliance For The Targeted Health (PATH) is to promote and enhance the respective and collective physical, psychosocial, mental, and economic health and well-being of target communities among African-born residents in the DMV area.

How You Can Take Action

Help us improve the lives of the African people in America. Learn more about our foundation today!

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Programs We Offer

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Community Outreach and In-reach

We build lasting relationships within the communities we serve so that we can guarantee the well-being and safety of everyone involved.

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One-Stop Shop HIV/AIDS Programs

Let us spread the important information that people must know about HIV/AIDS. Together, let’s educate everyone.

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Become a part of our initiative. Please help us build stronger and healthier communities within the DMV area.

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