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Common Myths About HIV Debunked

Common Myths About HIV Debunked

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a virus that makes the body vulnerable to infections and diseases. It does this by attacking the defense cells that help our body fight infection. The condition is unfortunate. But what is more heartbreaking are the misconceptions that make the members of HIV Communities vulnerable to societal judgment and prejudice.

Misinformation is as deadly as the disease. Let us show solidarity with our brothers and sisters starting from the right knowledge. Learn and share some common myths researchers and scientists have already debunked.

  • HIV is transmitted through touch or air.
    HIV can only be transmitted by acquiring infected blood, vaginal fluid, semen, or breast milk.
  • Mosquitos can spread HIV.
    False. Research has shown bloodsucking insects do not inject previously sucked blood before biting. HIV does not live longer inside them.
  • You would know when a partner has HIV.
    HIV can show no symptoms for years. The only way for diagnosis is to get tested.

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