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PATH’s HIV/AIDS program aims to assist those who are living with HIV, AIDS, or both. We aim to guide the communities we serve to learn that living life to the fullest, despite your condition, is not the end. Nothing is impossible when it comes to working together to achieve greater heights in life. We especially serve those who have undergone sexual abuse or domestic violence. As their support, we are here to listen to their problems and help them find solutions. After all, we are all born for the same purpose: to help, serve, and guide each other through the journey called ‘life’.

Thus, in an effort to better the lives of our African brothers and sisters, we aim to provide the following services.

  • Prevention and education services
  • Treatment services
  • Psychosocial support
  • Case management
  • Additional services to assist people with finances, food, housing, and transportation needs

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For your questions, messages, and other concerns regarding our programs and foundation, please do not hesitate to send them here. We will be more than glad to cater to your requests as soon as we can.