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Housing Stability for Better Quality of Life


The ultimate reason why most immigrants move to America is the immeasurable opportunities that await. Moving to America means having the chance to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives. However, one of the few experiences and challenges faced by our fellow African brothers and sisters is finding a place to call home.

We acknowledge that it is an essential human right, and everyone needs to have access to affordable and decent housing. Therefore, as a passionate non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and enhance the overall health and well-being of the people we serve in the community, Progressive Alliance For The Targeted Health (PATH) has created programs aimed at housing and haplessness assistance.

It might be left unnoticed at times, but living in a stable, adequate, and decent home significantly yields a multitude of progressive opportunities and stronger outcomes to any family. For instance, a stable home provides a platform for improved outcomes around employment, health, and education. As the home environment affects school performance, having a decent roof over their heads allows children and the youth to focus well on their studies and achieve educational success.

Moreover, there is also a high correlation between housing and health, specifically with mental health. Homelessness and housing instability negatively impacts mental health and wellbeing. Those with poor housing conditions are more likely to be stressed, anxious, depressed, and even have poorer physical health. With the community outreach program in the Washington Metropolitan area, we aim to provide a safe and settled home for families to promote and build a better quality of life.

Together and hand in hand, let us help our African community and other HIV Communities. Join us in achieving our cause by contacting us at 571-502-0061.

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