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Journey to Better Mental Health With HIV/Aids

Journey to Better Mental Health With HIV/Aids

Being diagnosed with AIDS can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Aside from the worry that stems from your diagnoses, there’s also the worry about its impact on your relationships, job, and everyday life. You may even face discrimination and bullying.

Dealing with all of these can be challenging, and you may find yourself vulnerable to mental health issues. Fortunately, mental health issues can be prevented and treated.

So how can you achieve mental wellness?

First, if you’re experiencing persistent depression, anxiety, and restlessness, do not ignore them. You feel in denial or ashamed to seek help, but the journey to better mental health starts by recognizing your feelings and acknowledging that you need help.

Second, don’t close yourself off. Sometimes, it’s harder to reach out to your family and friends than strangers, however, they can be your biggest supporter.

Third, join HIV communities. Talking with people with similar experiences can help you gain better insight into your feelings and condition. It can also give you the freedom to express your thoughts because you know that you are in a place free of prejudice.

Last, don’t beat yourself up if you experience setbacks. In your journey, you may experience times where talking to loved ones and professionals does not help at all. But remember, all your efforts aren’t in vain. You may stumble sometimes, but you’re still moving forward.

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