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Managing HIV: Simple Health Tips For You

Managing HIV: Simple Health Tips For You

Taking extra precautions and safety measures are very important when living with HIV. The human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus attacks the immune system, making you susceptible to several other illnesses. Fortunately, there are methods to protect your immune system and boost your overall health to fight off viruses and other infections. Learn more below.

  • Follow your prescriptions.
    Take your medications religiously and as prescribed by your physician. According to experts, skipping a day of medication allows the virus to become resistant to the drugs and ineffective against the virus. Make sure to take your prescriptions daily, and don’t miss a dose as much as possible.
  • Learn to manage emotional problems.
    Dealing with HIV brings extreme stress that could worsen the depression symptoms among those already suffering from it. Try to connect with HIV communities to help you deal with emotional and mental health struggles like depression. Or you can seek a mental health professional to help you address your issues.
  • Prevent infections and other illnesses.
    To stay healthy and prevent other infections, be sure to wash your hands and stay away from those who are sick. HIV makes your body vulnerable to any virus, bacteria, and germs you’re exposed to. Make sure to practice healthy and sanitary habits every day. Living with HIV may make people feel disconnected from the world around them, but reaching out to families or joining programs from a non-profit organization would help alleviate feelings of disconnection.

Through our community outreach program in the Washington Metropolitan area, our goal at Progressive Alliance For The Targeted Health (PATH) is to guide, educate and consult communities into learning how to prevent or manage HIV/AIDS, obesity, and so much more. To learn more about our programs, contact us at 571-502-0061 today.

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