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Support and Services for the HIV Community

Support and Services for the HIV Community

Rooted from the lack of information and awareness combined with outdated beliefs, led to misconceptions about HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and increased prejudice and discrimination against people in the HIV communities. Even until now, HIV still remains a highly stigmatized and often misunderstood health condition – which needs to end.

Due to the harmful myths and misinformation surrounding this STD, people living with HIV are experiencing another battle involving their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. HIV stigma and discrimination increase the chance of developing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Thus, aside from treating HIV itself, the need to address the mental healthcare needs of people living with HIV is of the same importance. As a non-profit organization, Progressive Alliance For The Targeted Health (PATH) aims not only to advocate and raise awareness about HIV but to provide support and services as well.

The negative impact of HIV stigma and discrimination affects all dimensions of life, including aspects in mental health such as self-esteem, depression and anxiety levels, medication adherence, social support, and others. Through the psychosocial support programs that we offer here in our organization, we aim to address the ongoing psychological and social problems of HIV-infected individuals, their families, and other involved individuals. This support program may include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Non-specialized psychosocial support activities,
  • Vocational training
  • Recreational activities
  • Community support groups
  • Social welfare services
  • And among others.

Join our community outreach program in the Washington Metropolitan area and let us dispel the harmful myths surrounding HIV and advocate for them. For questions and other concerns regarding the programs in our organization and how you can help, call 571-502-0061!

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